A New Way of Seeing and Being

This week marks the beginning of Ordinary Time in the Church.  It’s all BUT ordinary, of course. It begins with Jesus inviting people to “Come Follow Me” after his baptism. The very next day Mark’s Gospel tells us the fishermen drop everything (fish, nets, boats) to follow Jesus.

The surprising part is that Jesus says they must leave all behind including family. This has always bothered me, for isn’t the family key to one’s preparation of faith, trust and hope? I should think family would be a group that we want to bring along with Jesus!

I think the truth is that once we accept Jesus’ invitation, we are headed for a powerful transformation. Accepting the invitation transforms all we have been, cared about and hoped for into a new way of being.

For women in discernment this is often the challenge of hearing the invitation or call. But it is not about leaving all we love behind, it’s about incorporating all we love into a new way of seeing and being.

Read the beginning of Mark’s Gospel – he begins with the ‘call stories’ of the apostles. How is God inviting you? What is it that inspires you to even consider accepting the invitation? Can you see this invitation as transformational?

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