Stability: Faith, Hope and Joy

One of the vows Benedictine Sisters profess is the vow of stability. This weekend as I looked out the Chapel window at the snow covered woods I noticed a single tree that still had its golden brown leaves. An odd site in a snowy winter like we are experiencing. But there is was – big, bold and stark against the barren woods.

Our vow of stability is big, bold and stark against the trend in today’s world. Mobility is increasing, as people go where the jobs are, and families are becoming less secure as the divorce rates continue to climb. Ever since our September 11, 2001 tragedy, it seems so evident that the world is unstable and unpredictable. We have begun 2009 with two wars, unpredictable financial markets and general unrest around us.

Our vow of stability – embracing permanency in Christ and in one another – becomes more meaningful every day. It is about knowing Christ’s steadfast love despite a wavering world or a wavering life. Christ is as the golden tree I see each day at community prayer. It is Christ giving us that bold stability that grounds us in the moment. Stability requires we appreciate every day for its foundation of faith, hope and joy in Christ.

Our stability is built both on Christ and on the everyday life we share with each other in our community. The regular presence of prayer, friendship and love enables us to keep our faith, hope and joy.

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