Pilgrims on a Journey

Dispatch #2 from Sr. Bobbi:

As I was flying to Rome I thought about the name of the program, Pilgrims on a Journey. It sure seemed like the perfect name to me, with the unknown before me & the familiar left behind. It is exhilarating really to travel to unfamiliar places!These first two days have been slowly learning the ins & outs of getting trains and basically just getting adjusted. There are 29 of us, with Sisters from Japan, Uganda & Australia here too. The Missionary Benedictine Sisters who live here are from all over the world.

Today was a whirlwind. Oh my, to experience the beauty of St. Peter’s was sensational! St. Peter’s square was huge – engulfing, really! Peter & Paul were looming over me!

Looking down the piazza was awesome even though not filled with people like at Mass. I was overwhelmed by the history of it all – the centuries of Church that it represented, from the early Christians to today. I saw body of Pope John 23 and I thought of his boldness for our Church. We need that again!

Pilgrims must enter the world where they find themselves and embrace it in order to be a part of it.  It is a spiritual pilgrimage  – one in which we are called to find the roots that give meaning and perspective to faith.

Tomorrow we return to St. Peter’s for Pentecost Mass. It will be inside at Bernini’s masterpiece altar with Holy Spirit with 6ft wing spans looming behind Pope B. I think the power of the Holy Spirit shall be wildly at work!

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