Pilgrimage to Rome

Sister Bobbi left for Rome last week, along with Sister Ruth Ksycki and 27 other Benedictine Sisters from around the world, for a Benedictine retreat and renewal program. With an itinerary that ranges from conferences on the Rule of Benedict to tours of the Vatican, the Coliseum and St. Benedict’s haunts (to name only a couple of items), she will come back renewed … if not quite rested!

What expectations is she carrying with her?

“I see this as a real spiritual pilgrimage,” she says. “It’s also very significant for this history buff. Not only will I walk in Benedict’s literal footsteps, I will be in the same area my dad fought in during World War II. It will be an opportunity to visit my spiritual and personal roots.

“For a Benedictine, Rome is the heart of it all. Not only did the early Christians live here – Peter and Paul were imprisoned and executed here – but Benedict lived his entire life in and around the city.

“I think the thing that excites me the most is the spirituality of being in proximity to these people; of being in proximity to the beginning of it all. I anticipate feeling the power of the Spirit as I walk on that sacred soil.”

The 24 Benedictine pilgrims are staying at the retreat house (above) of the Missionary Benedictine Sisters of Tutzing. A 20-minute train ride from Rome, “Casa” is comfortable and convenient.

Seeing Michelangelo’s Pieta was a moving experience.

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