Moving Off the Clock during Our Summer Retreat

Our busyness comes to a sudden halt this week, as our summer retreat begins. Life will move off the clock. We will be steeped in silence, reflection, prayer and rest.

We will watch Sister Ruth’s bold and brilliant lilies dance in the early summer breeze, and listen to the bees as they hum amid the sacred bounty with joy.

We will study the waters of the lake for turtles, frogs and giant catfish swimming languidly just below the sun-skimmed surface.

We will sit on benches around the grounds and give rise to a profound new thankfulness.

We will deepen our own roots.

In other words, we will do precisely nothing.

Nothing busy, that is; nothing “productive.”

Rather, we will open ourselves again to God and God’s work within us. And in these pages, we will share some of what we find. Join us in your heart … if only for a moment of silence now and again.

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