A Story of Fidelity and Commitment

Yesterday was a special day at the Monastery. Sr. Estelle turned 102 years old! She is still pretty sharp and fun loving. In fact, two of our nursing staff are taking Sister on a boat cruise on the Mississippi today.  What a hoot..she has never done that!

These two nurses on the night shift have come to really love Sr. Estelle and threw a huge birthday party for her. They bought 102 of everything to eat and put 102  candles on the cake. Then they dressed up in matching dance outfits and twirled around Sr. Estelle, who laughed the whole time. We all enjoyed the fun.

Sr. Estelle is a model of stability. Nearly 80 years a Benedictine and still going strong. She was a teacher, principal and secretary to 4 prioresses. When I first came into community she was serving as secretary. She was very pleasant, but rather discreet about her job. She never talked in any manner about her job or something she had been asked to do. She honored the confidentiality of her position. That is how I came to respect her.

I suppose along with stability I find a rich fidelity in all she has said YES to over these years. When we say YES, not many of us suspect we will be living it 102 years!! What a special woman to be with today and appreicate how she has unswervingly offered her life to us and God all these years. In a culture where commitment is difficult, Sr. Estelle is a story of fidelity and commitment.

One thought on “A Story of Fidelity and Commitment

  1. Thank You for the memories Sister Estell and god bless, you signed my year book in 1947. love Bessie Hudetz.


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