A Discernment Experience at the Monastery

Over the weekend a 29-year-old woman came to the Monastery for a ”Live-in” experience. Pamela is early in her discernment about religious life. She knew from the time she was young that she wanted to do something for God. She was active in several protestant churches and discovered the Catholic Church about 5 years ago. She recently attended RCIA and was welcomed into the Church at Easter Vigil Eucharist. She has visited other Benedictine communities and plans to visit a Franciscan community.

We had a good weekend, met quite a few Sisters, had a fun evening with Sisters in my living group and, of course, a great walk around our beautiful grounds. She also took some great pictures to share with her family and friends.

This coming weekend three more women are planning on coming for a weekend ”live-in”. Two other women are hoping to come this June or July. Watch for more information about the upcoming summer dates.

If you are interested in coming to the Monastery just let me know and I can see how your possible dates can match with the other women coming. Once again, nothing replaces a experience of a Monastery visit. It is, probably, the most important step you can take in your discernment.

4 thoughts on “A Discernment Experience at the Monastery

  1. What a great weekend it was! Coming for a visist is the only way to be able to see what a community is like. The heartbeat of it.


  2. I like that Pam..the heartbeat of it. Hmmm, might have to use that in my talks. I have two women coming tomorrow..so keep them in your prayers. Hope it goes as smoothly as your weekend went.
    Have a good one!! Tomorrow I will post about my road to the Monastery!!!!


  3. Sr. Bobbi,

    Thank you for your website. I visit often although I am not discerning with your community. I love your reflections!


  4. Thanks Donna. Vocation ministry is also about helping women find their right community. So good luck. If my reflections or our website ‘lure’ you to reflect..maybe it means you might consider coming and visiting. Never know where the Lord leads.

    The best in your discernment is my prayer.

    God Bless


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