The Spirit of God Within

The Spirit of God lives in me came from a mediation book I am reading in the mornings. I’ve been thinking about it all day. It’s so true of us all!

The Spirit is all around us, cloaked in mystery. As I have matured in my spiritual growth, I have realized that mystery is a actually part of the Spirit’s presence … and that we experience the Spirit in many concrete ways.

For instance, I was at an intense meeting recently where discussion was somewhat heated, with many views.  From out of nowhere I found myself able to speak with clarity and focus. I didn’t really consciously formulate my words, but was able to lead the discussion to resolution and clarity while respecting the different views. That was the Spirit, for sure.

Another experience speaks to me of the Spirit’s action. I offer one retreat a year at our Benet House Retreat Center that began as a personal commitment following recovery from cancer. The first year, a large group of 22 attended and found it to be a good experience. However, when it was over, they left and have had limited correspondence with anyone.

The second year only 8 signed up (we actually considered canceling it but I decided to go ahead). Since that retreat, our whole group has continued monthly gatherings and we are having an overnight this weekend! The Spirit guided me to hold the retreat in the first place, guided me in prayer choice and input for the retreat, and in staying in touch after the retreat.

Truly, for me, the Spirit resides within and that is God living in me.  What experiences have you had that demonstrates God’s Spirit alive and well within you?

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