Sharing Crumbs

At Eucharist this morning the Scriptures continued the theme of bread and Jesus feeding the multitude.  Fr. John gave such a bold homily and it has struck me all day.  Basically he read a touching story written by a reporter visiting the Darfur refugee camps running out of food.  One girl was given the last food item: a lone banana.  She walked across the road to her three siblings and carefully cut the banana into three chunks giving one to each child.  She licked the banana peel for her meal.  Fr. John’s point was that miracles begin when we share what little we have with others.

It struck me as a story emphasizing ‘it is not about ME’.  That girl’s love was about her siblings.  Her faith was about the banana being enough because that was all there was.  The Gospel is about sharing not just our abundance but our crumbs with others who need it too.  Jesus demands that repeatedly.  The feeding stories are about a few bread loaves and a few fishes being enough for everyone in their hunger.

I have way more than I need.  I usually give out of my extra not out of my little.  If we are to take Jesus seriously we need to demand more out of least I do.  The question I must ask is what does the other need that I might have?

Bread stories, feeding stories are powerful Scriptures to meditate upon.  They are also powerful life stories happening right now, today, somewhere in the world.

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