Jesus’ Personal, Loving Invitation


By Sister Stefanie MacDonald, OSB

Yesterday at Mass, Father Duane Jack spoke about invitation in his homily. It’s worth thinking about!

Invitations come in many forms: formal and casual, professional and personal. On another level, invitations also come from Jesus.

Jesus’ invitations help us grow. Become. They help us be all we are called to be.

When I first sensed a call to become a Sister, I thought, Who, me? I stuck my toe in the water, but knew (!) I wasn’t holy enough.

Isn’t that the point, though? None of us are “holy” enough! Answering God’s call – and the invitation to religious life is God’s call, not ours – helps us become who we are meant to be.

I’ve been a Catholic Benedictine Sister now for 9 years! And although I’ll never be holy enough … I have peace, knowing I am answering the invitation that was handwritten to me by Jesus Christ.

Take it from me: You won’t know peace until you respond to his loving invitation. Maybe you’re being called and maybe you’re not. But his invitation is to explore it. You’ll find out more about your actual call as you go through the process of discernment.

As for those who have already discerned their vocation – married, single, religious, priest: your invitation is to connect with those who have not yet found their path. Be Jesus’ voice and ask, “Have you ever thought of becoming a Sister?” Or, “You would make a great Catholic Sister!”

We all need help hearing God’s invitations … and, once we’ve heard, responding.

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