The Sycamore Tree


By Sister Margaret Murphy, OSB

Could I be

Like the

Sycamore tree,

Rough bark, outer bark,

Peel away with

Weather and time,

Revealing Inner self,

Open, vulnerable,

Ready to be beauty!

Light shines through

Broad green or yellow leaves,

Shading from sun

The fragile eye

Yet showing the delicate

Beauty of leaf.

Death and Resurrection

God, my God,

What is this fire within?

Let me fall like a leaf,

Letting go completely,

Falling, whirling, drifting,

Into the great abyss of your

Life filled love,

Love filled life!

Lost in You forever!
















One thought on “The Sycamore Tree

  1. Catherine Cleary

    Lovely poem, Margaret. Katie


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