Thanking Sisters Rose Joseph, Janet, Rosemary and Mary Jean!

mackenzie-with-michelle-and-mary-jeanWe’ve had so many replies to our “Thank a Nun” request, that we will share several every day throughout National Catholic Sisters Week. Here are the first 4:

* I did not belong to any religion when I was a schoolgirl at SMA and was the most careless girl of my Class. I thought other girls were more committed into school activities. But at that time I was younger and immature. I would like to thank all of you for supporting me at SMA. I will never forget all of you and the love I had received. – Yoshiko Euchida, Japan

* I want to thank Sister Rose Joseph for helping us through our First Communion. – Renee Cray

* In gratitude to Sr. Janet, Sr. Rosemary and all the sisters who taught at Holy Family School all those years ago. You kindly and graciously put up with me in all my unawareness and unconsciousness. – Sharon Flanagan Mungo

* Sister Mary Jean is one of my favorite teachers from St. Thomas More School in Munster, Indiana. Please send her my love! – Nora Lowry Fitzpatrick

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