Sister Charlotte Thanks Sister Gregory!

Benedictine-Sisters-Charlotte-Sonneville-and-Jackie-Walsh-working-at-Benet-House-Retreat-CenterMy High School years at St. Mary’s Academy in Nauvoo were wonderful years of growth and meeting new people.

The Sisters  provided challenging roles in music, drama, creative writing, and helped expand my understanding of Church.

At the same time, however, I felt a need for someone who I could confide in and advise me in the challenges of my teen age years. 

Sister Gregory  Marquardt, OSB was that person.  She had been my homeroom teacher during my Freshman year at St. Mary’s High School in Moline, Illinois and  then was assigned  to be librarian and teacher at St. Mary’s Academy in Nauvoo the same year that I transferred to the Academy.

Sr. Gregory always  made time to listen.  She not only had a good sense of humor, but a depth of compassion that helped me learn to accept not only my own limitations and failings, but those of others.

Her love for her Benedictine community and generosity in service was the inspiration that attracted me to become a Nauvoo Benedictine Sister many years ago.  I continue to  strive to imitate her example and live my commitment with peace and joy.

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