Thanking Sisters Phyllis, Marlene, Rosemary and Catherine

catherine-lighting-candle-for-webThe Sisters are a special gift from God and blessing to me. – Uraina Swanson Rubingh

Thank you for the opportunity to do this. A huge thank you to Sister Catherine Cleary. I am so grateful for the gift of her wisdom. The readings and time she shared with me continue to resonate throughout my life. – Melissa Calhoun

Sr. Theresa Ann guided the beginning of my adult faith while she was working at St. Pius X. Her introduction to the Benedictines led me to work at St. Mary’s Academy where I worked daily with Sr. Phyllis and Sr. Marlene. To work and live along side all the sisters was a true blessing. Because of their examples I became an oblate. I wish I could list each of you. Please know that I appreciate all of you!! – Tina Mickiewicz

A thank you to Sister Rosemary who taught me at St. Clare School. She was always very sweet and patient with me and the other students. – Lizzie Susco

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