Thanking Sisters Marlene, Marilyn, Rachel and the Whole Community!

marlene-at-superbowlSister Marlene taught our granddaughter, Mary, in third grade at St. Clare. I am grateful for the influence she had on Mary’s life. She will always be special to our family. – Paula Daly Cunningham

This small but wonderful school – St. Mary’s Academy – was so much more than just high school.  We lived together in the dorm, with R.A.s and the Benedictine Sisters of Nauvoo.  You really don’t know people until you live with them…then again; they didn’t know me until I lived with them.  At the beginning I thought they really needed to learn a lot from me, but of course, I learned a lot from them. – Josephine Barrett, class of 1980

Sr. Marilyn Roman was one of the greatest role models EVER! She was my principal in my early years of teaching. She taught me not only to be the best teacher I could be, but also the best person I could be. She did this by being a wonderful example of a true Catholic woman. I still think of her often, hear her in my voice and rest easy each night, knowing she prays for me daily. Times passes … but our friendship will remain so very important to me. May God’s blessings be with her today, tomorrow, and always! – Connie Lake

In gratitude for Sr. Rachel who welcomed all, including me and mine to St. Thomas. It was the beginning of our healing. A sliver of light in the deep darkness. – Sharon Flanagan Mungo

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