Thanking Sister Audrey, Rose Joseph and “all of you at St. Mary Monastery”!

katie-and-audrey-for-websiteIn gratitude to Sr. Audrey who went beyond understanding to prayerfully and patiently put the broken parts together, holding each piece gently in God’s love until the Spark ignited and became able to drink in the warmth and the nourishment of Benedictine way of healing, living and loving. You will always have a special place in my heart of hearts! I owe you my new life! As a spiritual director, I teach what you taught me, guide as you led me, and above all listen as you showed me. May God bless my small ministry and may God bless and keep you, dear one. – Sharon Flanagan Mungo

Sister Rose Joseph did so much for us during my 2nd grade year. That was 50 years ago. I’ll never forget her. – Timothy Donovan

Those good sisters at St. Mary’s Academy had no idea what had landed on their doorstep. I am not sure how they permitted me to keep my tongue as I wagged it at them every chance I could. I once upset Sr. Phyllis so much she could be heard yelling at me from her office to the library. Sr. Phyllis banged her fist on her desk and a wooden puzzle of a camel that sat upon her desk went into the air. I prayed it wouldn’t fall apart on its route down. Sr. Alberta was cleaning the school and mopping the floors when I left Sr. Phyllis’ office, and she asked if I was all right! Sr. Phyllis was a great individual who I admired for many many years. – Josephine Barrett, class of 1980

Sister Catherine and all of you, her colleagues at St. Mary’s, have been a channel of grace and life to us!  And when we pray the Hours we are close to all of you at St. Mary Monastery! Our love and the Lord’s blessings to all of you! – Kay and John Mallon

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