Thanking SMA Sisters, Sister Marilyn and Sandra

sma-girlsDid I have a Catholic nun affect my life?  Oh golly yes! I had an entire order, and I haven’t forgotten about it once since I graduated in 1980. So, how do you thank people who made you who you are today?  I don’t really know. 

I do know, that the two years I attended St. Mary’s Academy made me the person I am today, and I have them to thank for it.  Those sisters influenced me, gave me sight, compassion, love, and the will to do whatever I wanted.

You did a great job of taking care of your charges and showing us how to be good, kind, and independent women of the future. How the sisters at St. Mary’s Academy were able to see to the heart of the student was incredible. They would deal with girls who had never left home and were homesick and girls who were always testing the waters and those that needed extra help with their school work.  It really didn’t matter what you needed they knew how to help each and every one of us. – Josephine Barrett, class of 1980

My mother was dying of Alzheimer’s Disease and Sister Marilyn was my confidant and comforter.  I learned so much about contemplative prayer when we had our Saturday group and this has been so helpful in my walk with God. Thanks to all of you for the loving work you do! – Rev. Marjorie Kooy

In gratitude to Sr. Sandra who welcomed me one spring day and showed me the possibility of a safe place to heal. – Sharon Flanagan Mungo

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