Thanking Sisters Sheila, Marilyn and “all of you dear Sisters”

Sister-Sheila-McGrath-serves-monastery-administrationSister Sheila taught me in 4th grade at St Columba School in Hegewisch (Chicago) in 1959/60. I never forgot her, such a wonderful woman and sister! God bless her and all the sisters! – Kas Sowa

Sister Marilyn Hettinger led a prayer group in Munster, Indiana for some time and was a friend to me when I needed her. I think of her often and miss her very much. My mother was dying of Alzheimer’s Disease and Sister Marilyn was my confidant and comforter.  I learned so much about contemplative prayer when we had our Saturday group and this has been so helpful in my walk with God. Thanks to all of you for the loving work you do! – Rev. Marjorie Kooy

Personally, I would like to thank all of you dear Sisters for giving structure and instilling values in my life that I act on still to this day. Although I do not sugar coat things, I try to always do what is best. – Margaret Mary Dabe

Sister Mary Jo loved me so much, I still remember and pray for her. – Loly Lopez

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