Part 7: Practice, practice, practice

sisters basketball for fb

There’s lots of talk about resurrection this time of year, from the good news of the Easter story to what we witness outdoors in every new flower. But what does it really mean to us, in a practical way? The Catholic Benedictine Sisters of St. Mary Monastery collaborated on this 10-part answer to the question of How to Practice Resurrection Every Day. We will publish it in installments over the next couple of weeks!

Every passing moment is renewed. Ovid

Every moment presents an opportunity to rise from the ashes of yesterday. To choose to begin again. And again. And again.

“Practicing daily resurrection means rising up to challenges, suffering, unexpected events,” Sr. Catherine Cleary, OSB says.

It may not be easy, she says, but it is an “important part of our faith.” And it requires intention.

“Without intention, we might miss the daily opportunities to practice,” she says, “when plans fall apart, schedules change, friends don’t respond as we expect them to.”

Sister Catherine says these minor setbacks are a training ground.

“How we respond emotionally, physically and psychologically to these minor grievances help us prepare for major issues.”

And for our own final resurrection.

“Resurrection is healing, renewal, newness,” Sr. Catherine says. “We have every hour of every day of our lives to practice for the final resurrection with Jesus.”

The joy toward which every life leads.

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