How to Practice Resurrection Every Day

monastery sunrise for web

There’s lots of talk about resurrection this time of year, from the good news of the Easter story to what we witness outdoors in every new flower.

But what does it really mean to us, in a practical way?

The Catholic Benedictine Sisters of St. Mary Monastery collaborated on this 10-part answer to the question of How to Practice Resurrection Every Day.

Part 1: Rising Up, Again and Again

Part 2: We fall down, we get up

Part 3: Accept Your Cross

Part 4: Get down off your cross!

Part 5: Roll your stone out of the way

Part 6: Recognize the Risen One

Part 7: Practice, practice, practice

Part 8: Path to freedom

Part 9: Heaven is closer than we think

Part 10: Resurrected life is now

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