Part 6: Recognize the Risen One

pink wildflowers loud thunder

There’s lots of talk about resurrection this time of year, from the good news of the Easter story to what we witness outdoors in every new flower. But what does it really mean to us, in a practical way? The Catholic Benedictine Sisters of St. Mary Monastery collaborated on this 10-part answer to the question of How to Practice Resurrection Every Day. We will publish it in installments over the next couple of weeks!

We can now live a new life. – Romans 6:4

Letting God in is not always a straightforward affair. We don’t always recognize divine guidance. We are, as scripture repeatedly warns us, often blind.

Fortunately, God has ways of communicating with us in spite of our spiritual myopia, as Jesus’ friends discover after the Resurrection.

The scenes are memorable: Blinded by grief, faces wet with tears, they know nothing now but crushed hope, no future, no way forward. They are not prepared for any good news.

Indeed, when Jesus appears, his friends don’t recognize him. When he reveals his identity, some doubt. Jesus himself would be forgiven for losing patience.

But Jesus shows limitless kindness, trying in many different ways to get through to his friends.

“The Risen One shows us that God meets us where we are,” Father James Martin, SJ writes in Jesus: A Pilgrimage.

“See how the Risen Christ responds to doubt. He calls someone’s name. He shows. He explains. He welcomes. He forgives. In such quiet ways are people invited to know the Risen One.”

Our job, then, is to pay attention. To listen.

“Keep seeking,” Sister Catherine Cleary, OSB advises. “Seek every hour of every day.

“God always has new ways of revealing to us. And this leads to something different. Something new.”

Part 7: Practice, practice, practice

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