Renew Your Spirit Here, Now


Our annual summer silent retreat – directed by Father Joel Rippinger, OSB – was a graced time. Father Joel Rippinger, OSB shared topics that stem from our common life as Benedictine Monastics.

We share his talks here, as an online retreat for you. We hope they speak to you, and help lift you in whatever direction God calls.

Enjoy, and God bless.

Day #7: Peace and Joy in Community

Day #6: Work: Making Something Beautiful for God

Day #5, afternoon: The Grace and Mercy of Reconciliation

Day #5, morning: Hospitality: A Sacramental Grace

Day #4, afternoon: What Makes a House a Home?

Day #4, morning: Celibacy: Our Radical Choice

Day #3, afternoon: Need the Latest iPhone? Maybe Not!

Day #3, morning: The Ultimate Reality Check

Day #2, afternoon: Why Practice Obedience, Silence, Humility?

Day #2, morning: Why pray?

Day #1, opening: Being Who We are Meant to Be

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