The Visitation: Anxiety becomes Joy


At Mass this morning with my Sisters, I thought about the Visitation. Makes sense. Today is the Feast of the Visitation.

But I had another reason: I saw Mary’s experience through the eyes of a discerner.

Here’s how: Mary was going to Elizabeth. Although she was excited to see her cousin, she was full of anxiety.

How would she tell Elizabeth about her out-of-wedlock pregnancy? How would Elizabeth react?

When Mary shared her secret, Elizabeth reacted with joy and welcome.

This story reminds me today of my own discernment experience.

First, I was filled with joy at the prospect of becoming a Sister, but was terribly anxious about WHERE I would enter. Would the Sisters I chose … choose me?

Second, I was anxious about sharing my secret desire with family and friends. How would they react?

Well, you know the end of the story: The Sisters I chose welcomed me with joy.

My family and friends happily supported my decision.

Together, they all amplified my joy … just as Elizabeth enhanced Mary’s joy.

Don’t let your anxiety hold you back. Joy is waiting on the other side of the door!


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