St. Scholastica’s Example of Love

look-what-i-made-at-the-valentine-partyBy Sister Stefanie MacDonald, OSB

This week we celebrated the Feast of St. Scholastica. Of course she is important to us, having founded women’s Benedictine monastic orders.

But she’s important for another reason, too.

This Valentine’s Day, St. Scholastica offers a model of presence and love that we would all do well to imitate.

The story that Scholastica is best known for involves a visit with her brother, St. Benedict.

When it was time for him to return to his monastery for evening prayers, Scholastica enjoined Benedict to stay with her, to continue their wonderful time together.

When he said No, that his rules stated that he must return home, Scholastica prayed to God for help. Suddenly a wild thunderstorm blew up, and Benedict was forced to stay put.

Scholastica showed her brother the importance of praying in love, for love and with love … and that love trumps rules. It’s wonderful advice … for us all.

Happy Valentine’s Day. ❤

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