What Lent Means to Me: 10 Sisters share their thoughts

ruth 130Sister Ruth Ksycki, OSB – This is a time to live more intensely the Pascal Mystery; the core of our faith; the death and resurrection. What does it mean to us? My reading will mostly focus on Scripture.

Sister Stefanie MacDonald, OSB – Lent is a time for refocusing one’s life. We can all go on autopilot stef 130during the year, and this is the right time to get out of it. I am looking at my prayer, my choices, and how I live the Gospel values. I’m reading “Broken Open: How Difficult Times can Help Us Grow,” by Elizabeth Lesser.

rita 130Sister Rita Cain, OSB – I believe it is a time to prepare ourselves for Easter; to mend parts of our lives through thoughts and prayers. I’m reading C.S. Lewis’ “Surprised by Joy.”

Sister Rosemary Murphy, OSB – These 40 days of prayer and practices – including fasting and rosemary murphy 130accepting of situations – lead us into deeper relationship with Jesus Christ. I’m reading “The Ascent of the Mountain of God: Daily Reflections for the Journey of Lent,” by Edward Hays.

denise 130Sister Denise Vrombaut, OSB – For one thing, Lent is a time for me to go the extra mile for other people. It’s a time to renew my commitment to really active listening, to be really present to others. I’m reading “The Lenten Pharmacy: Daily Healing Therapies,” by Edward Hays. I chose it because I want to focus on Jesus the Healer, and this gives you something for every day.

Sister Cecile Baer, OSB – I will be more aware of my prayer. I hope every day that I get closer to God, but during Lent I hopececile to be more dedicated and present to my prayer.

sheila 130Sister Sheila McGrath, OSB – Lent is a time to step back and reassess what’s important, to see where I am in my spiritual life, where I am in my prayer, where I am with others. It’s a quiet, reflective time. I’m reading “Ashes to Easter: Lenten Meditations,” by Bishop Robert Morneau

Sister Charlotte Sonneville, OSB – This is a time of renewal of my commitment to Jesus Christ, to nurture new life within for charlotte 130the journey to resurrection. I’m reading “Seeking His Mind: 40 Meetings with Christ,” by M. Basil Pennington, OSCO.

marlene 130Sister Marlene Miller, OSB – I look forward to more prayer, more quiet, more solitude and less food … although God may have another plan, who knows? I’m reading “Doors of Hope: Paths for Renewal in the Catholic Church,” by John Dietzen. It’s been on my list and in my pile for years!

Sister Mary Core, OSB – Now is the time to do a little offering up of things, to do some extra reading,mary core 130 sacrificing. You might think of it as spring cleaning of the spirit! I’m reading 2 books: “Humility Matters,” by Mary Margaret Funk, OSB and “An Explanation of the Rule of Benedict,” by Hildegard of Bingen and Hugh Feiss.

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