Feeding Body and Soul

This might seem a weird connection but it struck me this week. Last week I was enjoying a country music festival with my sister and a mutual friend. We head out every July for a 4-day festival in Twin Lakes, Wisc. We join about 30,000 other people for good music, relaxing days and an affordable vacation. The concerts are held on the hillside of a huge ranch.

Back home, I listened to this morning’s Gospel in a different light. It recounted the feeding of the multitude gathered on the hillside to listen to Jesus.  When it became late in the day the apostles went to Jesus about how to feed the people.  They were hungry and yet only a few loaves of bread and a few fish were available.  Jesus didn’t share the panic of the apostles but, instead, calmly told them to pass out the food.  Of course, it was more than enough for the multitude.    Fr. Frank commented in his homily that the people did gather expecting to be fed.  They were drawn by wanting to hear Jesus, we assume.  Maybe some people went because their friends invited them.  Maybe some went for a relaxing afternoon.  The point is that they were fed both in word and in food.

This Gospel came alive for me when I was praying about it this morning.  Remembering the music festival, I could picture the Gospel with people strung along the hillside and Jesus ‘on stage’ so to speak.  It brought home the magnificence of Jesus’ actions on that hillside. The Gospel can come alive no matter where we are or what we’re doing. How might it today for you? How might you be fed by word and food?

One thought on “Feeding Body and Soul

  1. Being fed by the wisdom of a spiritual director and relying on the prayers of dear friends … who don’t mind the tears (and when the text come out being funny). Relying on the love of family and friends.


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