Inquirers Learn about Monastic Life

This week there are two inquirers at the Monastery experiencing life in community. Both women have been here for shorter periods of time before, but a week gives them an opportunity to really experience the daily rhythm of our lives. One woman is from Wisconsin and finishing her senior year of college.  The second woman is from Illinois and works in a group home for developmentally disabled adults. A third inquirer will join us for the weekend. What they have been discovering is the simplicity – as well as the joy – of monastic life.

Each day they learn about some aspect of Benedictine life, our practices and values.  We have had presentations on Prayer and Lectio Divina; the Liturgy of the Hours; the Life of St. Benedict and the Benedictine Vows.

On Saturday, a third women will join us and we will have an afternoon session around dreams, decisions and discernment.

Each day, the inquirers are paired with a Sister to do a job around the Monastery. It might be stuffing envelopes for a mailing, cleaning the silveware, or helping clean a work room. The women also visit a site where several Sisters volunteer with the poor. The woman who will graduate with a elementary education degree in December spent an afternoon assisting a Sister who teaches preschool get prepared for the start of the school year.

There is nothing better than a personal connection to really discern what is best for your life. It begins with striking up a conversation with me and then we determine when it is a good time for a visit and then see where that leads.  Discernment is about taking advantage of the available opportunities to delve more deeply into a particular community.

Give it a try. I’m here – Start a conversation with me!!

2 thoughts on “Inquirers Learn about Monastic Life

  1. How exciting for these young women to be able to spent time with you. May it be for the benefit of you all.


  2. It is a good time for all of us when women come to visit! They learn more specifically about our life rhythm while we enjoy personal time to get to know each woman. Two have been here all week and leave Sunday. Another woman comes this afternoon through Monday. Thanks for your comment, Ingrid!!


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