Benedictine Discernment Week Update

As the week cam to an end for the two women visiting the Monastery, it seemed to have been very good.  We had a session on Friday about the vows and how they form our life of stability, obedience and conversion of life.  On Thursday, we had a session on the life of St. Benedict using photos of Norcia (birthplace), Subiaco (lst community), Rome (student days) and Monte Cassino, where he finished his Rule and died, from Sr. Ruth’s and my time in Italy. 

Saturday included a closing session called ‘Conversation in 3-D.’ We discussed dreams, decisions and discernment.  This will help them reflect on this week and give some direction to their discernment and prayer about God’s call in life for them.

What a wonderful time we all had! If you are discerning, please contact me. We have upcoming weekends of similar experiences, and if you can’t make those, you are always welcome to come when it’s convenient for you. Blessings!

One thought on “Benedictine Discernment Week Update

  1. It was a great week!! Still trying to get back into the swing of my normal routine, even though I have been home for almost a week. Struggling with trying to tell my family what’s going to be next. Knowing that it is not all up to me and I have to keep praying and waiting. Which is not always the easiest for me to do!


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