Following the Gospel Message: Choosing a NEW Path Today

It has been too long since I last wrote, but no particular thought or prayer struck me to share with you. Then yesterday the Sunday reading included the Prodigal Son parable. It is, perhaps, one of the most popular Scripture stories for Christians.

The Prodigal Son encompasses all the central messages of Jesus’ Ministry – repentance, forgiveness, unconditional love, healing, reconciliation between individuals and families, and the miracle of it all.

It serves as a strong lesson to us that nothing is impossible, nothing is beyond true love and all can be healed.

The message for anyone discerning a direction in their life is clear in this parable. Nothing that has happened in the past is beyond understanding and forgiving.  It is about the present day and what God is nudging you to consider. Whatever paths you have traveled are in the past. For God it is about the present and the path you choose for the future. Forgiveness and reconcilation are the miracles that make today okay and provide hope for your future.

Don’t stay stuck in old mistakes or in worrying about the ‘not so good things that have happened,’ but move on, like the Prodigal Son, to embrace today in God’s love.  Take that risk so that your future choices may be in sync with God’s desire for you.

One thought on “Following the Gospel Message: Choosing a NEW Path Today

  1. Just the message I needed to hear. Thank you for relating it so well!


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