A Walk in the Morning Woods

This morning as I began my walk through the wooded area that leads down to the lake, I stood for a moment in awe and wonder. I thought, this moment is mine to enjoy. Then it dawned on me that it’s not mine, but ours: the Creator’s, and the woods’, and all that is in the woods.

God is within me and within you. God brings all of us – you, me, bird and tree – together.

As I stood there, I felt my heart nearly explode with joy.  It was somewhat like seeing a beautiful painting, where I could explore the line, the color, and what it expressed to me. If the artist appeared to share what she/he was expressing, those reflections would create a totally new and wonderful work of art. It would be complete, the relationship of art, artist, and myself.

My walk continued with the Creator, enjoying the mist rising from the lake, feeling the cool morning breeze. Goldenrods waved with what must have been joy as the  sun lit the tops of the trees. I felt a deep peace even as my heart was leaping for joy. I knew I was where I was meant to be!

Let us help you find where you are meant to be!!

2 thoughts on “A Walk in the Morning Woods

  1. I often visit a quiet spot near my home and stare amazed at the sky, listening to the sounds of natures beauty all around us. I have so often felt the completeness and joy you express and long to tell others, look, listen, do you see what I see? God is present all around us. You have expressed it so wonderfully!


  2. Dear Melissa, Thank you for a beautiful sharing of a precious gift. It seems you have a deep appreciation of God’s beauty in nature!

    You have other gifts: the gift of seeking quiet, the gift of listening, and the gift, I would say, of prayer. You also have the gift of desire to share this awareness and joy.

    In my experience, the gift of prayer helped me find the best way for me to share my other gifts.

    May I ask, are you discerning religious life?


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