Might You See Yourself In This Story?

I was pulling together several books on Benedictine Spirituality that I often give to women discerning with me.  It struck me that I should be sharing them with you.  If you are discerning about Benedictine life or are wanting to learn more check this title out!

The Wisdom of the Benedictine Elders: 30 of America’s Oldest Monks and Nuns Share Their Lives’ Greatest Lessons (Mark MGinnis, BlueBridge Books, 2005) is a terrific read especially if you appreciate biographies (as I do).  I have given this to several women, all of whom have like it.  Actually, I found it rather inspiring and I have been into Benedictine life for 30 years!  You’ll meet different individuals, each with a unique story about how they became Benedictines. Wonderful!

I like to recommend this book because it gives a glimpse into the lives of some very genuine individuals who spent their entire lives as Benedictines.  They share stories of their lives that show a covenant with God and their communities through joy, sorrow and everyday life.

“Wisdom of the Elders” shows us the events that shaped the women and men who are featured. We learn that, in fact, these are everyday people , like you and me, who found their way into a Monastery because that is where they knew God wanted them.  Some were taken by surprise and some found the decision easy.  A story might be just the one you see yourself in!!!

Reading about another’s life journey can often lead to a deeper conversation about what is happening in your life right now.  If you are interested in this book, I found it on www.amazon.com or contact me at rbussan@smmsisters.org and I will send it to you.   You can also find it on www.bluebridgebooks.com. If you do read this book, let me know.  I’d enjoy a deeper conversation with you!

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