Blessings of Sharing

We just completed our 5th Annual Christian-Muslim Women’s Dialogue and it was really very exciting and heart warming to all of us. What a blessing to hear and be present to these lovely women, willing to share deeply about their lives and faith!

Friends and strangers gathered for these evenings to share about something everyone is passionate about: PEACE. And while that was not the assigned topic as such, it was always in our heads as we listened to the “other” speak about faith, beliefs, rites and rituals, as well as praise of God/Allah.

It seemed every woman who walked in the door (having driven from as far away as Peoria), was eager to let others know she stood for harmony, unity and support of all the people there.

There was an eagerness to remove any walls of mistrust, suspicion, and misconstrued truth. I was amazed at the energy and laugher, and the freedom with which people shared during the discussions. While we neither took count nor asked what faith tradition women belonged to, the 100 or so women present represented a number of various faith traditions.  It was as if they believed, “We are all one, we are all peace-makers.”

It was an honor and a blessing to be able to host this sacred and beautiful event!

One thought on “Blessings of Sharing

  1. Dennis H ( Dubuque)

    Great dialogue sessions! The first session was a solo trip, for the second I brought some friends…. both of my companions enjoyed it very much; I think it was the first time either of them had been able to talk face to face about Islam with a Muslim….before that, anything they heard about it was in the newspapers or on TV which does not give a true picture of what it is really all about.

    Truly inspiring, these dialogue session are….


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