Being Part of Something Bigger than Myself

During Lauds (Morning Prayer) recently, we prayed the following verse from Psalm 67: “So shall your rule be known upon the earth. Your saving power among all the nations.” It made me think about the Kingdom of God and how Jesus said, “The kingdom is within you.” God’s life and love is in each of us!

Watching the Sisters leave after Lauds, then, to go about their various ministries made me think of how we share the power of God’s life and love in our world. We share in our various places of ministry: schools, campuses, food pantries and other places where we can help the needy.

I treasure my Benedictine Community. It enables me to be a part of something bigger than myself in sharing and spreading the saving power of God’s life and love. Might you be ready to share in something bigger than yourself?

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