Visit in Person this August!

I apologize for being quiet this past week. It seems I am still getting acclimated to being home! Also, I’ve been reflecting on monastic life, with the professions of our Sisters Claudia and Stefanie (that’s Stefanie, after making her First Monastic Profession, above). Both women remind us that there are women wanting a commitment to religious life in general and our community specifically. What a hopeful moment!

I was also interviewed by the religion editor from  a local newspaper about how we use technology in our vocation ministry.  It surely brought to light how the vocation director’s role has changed over the years to accommodate a changing culture.  First, we put up a website, and then embraced emailing and e-newsletters. Today we are on Facebook and Twitter (although we’re not a regular presence there). Tomorrow? Who knows? But we’ll be there!

Instant communication is the name of the game in the world today.  But personal, face-to-face contact is critical in all meaningful relationships … especially as you discern your vocation. And discernment takes lots of prayerful reflection and time.

If you are discerning about religious life, do take the time to visit and meet the real Sisters of today.  Discover what motivates them, what is it that brings life to them  and what is it that keeps them committed to God and one another.   You are welcome anytime here, but you might want to consider coming to our next vocation week, scheduled August 16-23. You will join at least 3 other single Catholic women who are in the inquiry phase. It will be a life-giving and exciting time, full of experience and sharing. You will explore the monastery and grounds, come to prayers in the chapel, dine with, talk with and learn from the Sisters. You’ll help them in their ministries. You’ll learn about their vocation experiences.

Here, with real Sisters, you’ll have an extraordinary chance to let God direct your heart. Because the thing is, you can have all the technology and information in the world at your fingertips, but nothing will replace taking the time to meet the real person(s) behind the text, email, facebook, tweet, blog or podcast.  It is the personal encounter with committed women that will be the best communication when making a life decision.  Ask the two Sisters who just made their Monastic Professions – it was the personal encounter that made the difference.

It can make a difference for you too. Try it.

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