Unconditional Love: A Good Friday Poem by Sr. Marilyn Hettinger

“My people what have I done to you
in what way have I offended you?
Answer me.”
I gave you unconditional love
and this is how you treated Me.
I suffered the agony in the Garden,
was betrayed with a kiss.
I was mocked, whipped, spit upon
and crowned with thorns.
Pilate lacking courage
washed his hands to prove innocence.
He handed me over to the angry crowd
who kept shouting “Crucify Him.”

Without help from Simon
the weight of the Cross was unbearable.
To see my mother gave me strength
to continue the road to Calvary.
What kindness Veronica showed
as she wiped my bloody face.
Arriving at Calvary I was nailed to the Cross.
Through all of this I prayed, “Father forgive them.”
Although it was noon, darkness covered the earth as I prayed,
“Father, into your hands I commend My Spirit.”

My God has died for me.
Forgive me for the times I betrayed you,
lacked the courage to do the right thing,
was not willing to help You carry the Cross.
Forgive me.

One thought on “Unconditional Love: A Good Friday Poem by Sr. Marilyn Hettinger

  1. Continual prayers for peace, love and kindness. The heart swells, oftentimes overwhelmed with grief.


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