Tremendous Love by Sr. Marilyn Hettinger

Passover feast
preparations complete.
Jesus and the twelve gather.
Taking a towel,
filling the basin,
Jesus washes their feet.
Not just an act of hospitality
but a model of life and service.
Jesus tells them
“ What I have done
you must also do.”

At the end of the Paschal meal
Jesus took bread and said,
“take and eat this is my Body.”
“take this wine it is my Blood.’
Everlasting Gift.
Tremendous love.

Supper ended
Knows the hour has come.
Prays in the Garden
and accepts the Father’s will.
Betrayed with a kiss.
Led away as a prisoner
to His passion and death.

What greater love
than to lay down ones life.
For such a Savior
my heart is filled with gratitude.

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