Two-Stepping to a Different Beat

I think the summer got hold of me.  Do you enjoy those lazy, relaxing and unscheduled times?  I just returned from such a ‘staycation’ (don’t you love those new words!).  It was a bit of Galena, IL and a longer bit of Lake Geneva, WI.  Actually, I went to a four-day country festival that was terrific.

Now that might seem odd for a Sister to do for vacation.  However, I simply love all kinds of music.  I can relax to classical or world music, sing-a-long to my favorite 70’s tunes or two-step to country.  (I actually took line dancing lessons about 12 years ago!)  Being a Sister doesn’t end our love of the world and all its goodness.  I have to pick and choose how I spend my vacation or time with family and friends.  It goes back to that balance I have written about before.  I don’t spend as much time on vacation as I do in prayer and work and community but there is time to enjoy my family and friends.  Keeping life in perspective is what is important.

We also can not forgot where we have been – so my community doesn’t expect us to cut ourselves off from family or from enjoying the parts of life we knew before joining the community.  Again, it is balance and perspective that is important.

As far as I am concerned, life is about enjoying all the creativity the surrounds us.  It is no different with people as with music.  I enjoy all ages, ethnic groups, religions and such.  We learn from everyone we meet and everyone is God’s handiwork.

It is always nice to come home, though.  The rhythm of life is really about prayer and community.  Once in a while it is relaxing to step to a different beat..but the stable beat is what makes all possible.

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