Eleana visited the Benedictine Sisters of Rock Island, Ill., recently.

It was a great 10 days with E at the Monastery. She left this morning on the early flight and was sad to go, I think. The Sisters so enjoyed her personality, enthusiasm and sharing of her life experiences. Indeed, E and I had many insightful conversations about Benedictine life as well as life in general. She was eager to learn and receptive to just about any idea. Being so open will help ensure that her discernment will be authentic and lead her to the right path.

She a deep desire to know God and a deep desire to live with others who Seek God too.  Her passion is working with people with disabilities.  I imagine her to be compassionate and kind in her interaction.  Another area that impressed me is that she has been raised in a loving, stable environmnet.  Despite her disabilities she has confidence, knows herself and has good self esteem.  It is easy to tell she must have loving parents that have nurtured her growth, faith and confidence.   She has a postive attitude that there are no limitations except in your own mind.   That is a great philosopy of life.

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