Our Childhood Communities of Faith

Growing up in a small town, Sunday Mass was like a family reunion on my mom’s side. We would always sit in the same section about 10 rows back. Most of the time my aunts were together in the row behind, and another set of relatives ahead a couple of pews. Then there were the relatives who sat on the other side.

We always waved, tapped a shoulder or whispered to the relatives we passed going to our pews. Then, of course, we stood outside the church following Mass for what seemed like hours of visiting. Occasionally, we would all go downtown for coffee.

I thought about this today during Father Barclift’s homily. He talked about the importance of our childhood community of faith in how we come, as adults, to know God and define our own faith. Mine had some powerful development on those Sundays. How has your faith been shaped (so far)? Is there a community that has been instrumental for you?

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