Details from a Monastery Visit

The time is sure going quickly.  ‘E’ has been here since Monday and the week has been packed.  Two afternoons she went with Sr. Mary S. and helped her prepared for next week’s summer bible school at Sacred Heart Church in Davenport. I think they finished repairing the camel and painting the walls of Jerusalem. E works as an educational assistant so she was really up to the job!

One afternoon we had a roundtable discussion with Srs. Rosemary B. and Cabrini R. They shared about life in community and how they came to be Benedictines.  Another time E and I had a mini-class on Benedictine history from the time of St. Benedict and Scholastica right up to today in Rock Island. One evening we did the run to Walmart, Dollar Tree and Whitey’s Ice Cream after spending 45 minutes weeding the veggie garden.

E also has enjoyed card games with us, including rummy, Big Bertha (a 4th floor South wing favorite) and Rummikube.  Last night was the annual Independence Day party on our library patio along with the city of Milan’s fireworks.

It has been a grand experience for E. She is impressed with our friendliness, our lifestyle and our daily community prayers (Lauds, Noon Day and Vespers).  I think she is recognizing the sense of rhythm we cherish here.

This morning we had a roundtable with 3 women in our Formation program. That might be the eye opener so far in terms of meeting women with various backgrounds and wide ranges of experience. They also talked about how the transition has been for them, from “civilian” life to religious life.

A full week so far and more planned! Very good and experiencial so far, which is an important part of discernment.

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