Holy Week in a Benedictine Monastery


Sister Andrea Giltner, OSB braids palms.

By Sister Mary Core, OSB

Holy Week is upon us, and, as many people do, we make plans to be with family. palm sunday chapel cropped

For us, that means our Benedictine Sisters.

We begin with Palm Sunday, with the blessing of the palms and a procession around the chapel.

The palms, waved at Jesus upon his arrival into Jerusalem, also signal victory … a hard-won victory. Continue Reading

Spy Wednesday


Sister Andrea Giltner braids palms.

By Sister Stefanie MacDonald, OSB

In Catholic school I was taught that today is “Spy Wednesday.” It’s the day when Judas arranges to have Jesus arrested.

Judas has been stealing money for the poor from the Apostles’ purse. Now, he earns more money by betraying Jesus.

We all have times in our lives when we need more money. But what could have motivated Judas first to steal, and then give over his once-friend for cash? Continue Reading

Seeing Peter’s Foibles as Our Own


By Sister Stefanie MacDonald, OSB

Peter is my favorite apostle. Talk about someone who could put his foot in his mouth! He makes me feel like my own mistakes are not such a big deal.

Peter made many of his own. Jesus even had to talk to him about them at times. Very human. But what I love even more than Peter’s mistakes is his willingness to ask for forgiveness and to try to do his best.

As Holy Week unfolds, I’ve been thinking about Peter’s foibles. Continue Reading

Holy Week: Journey of Our Hearts

Introduction by Sister Susan Hutchens, OSB

From the 1st Sunday of Lent to Holy Thursday, we are asked to recall the life and words of Jesus.  Now we walk his last part of the journey.  We do not celebrate this week merely to “re-live” the mysteries of the Passion.  We celebrate only because we know the ending, and the ending is JOY. Continue Reading