Part 7: Take Leisure!

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Welcome to our Annual Summer Retreat, posted here as a mini-online retreat for you. As the woman at the well went at noon to be refreshed and gather water for the day, so we must return readily to our own Divine wellspring.  Our time together will provide an opportunity to drink fully from the well that is Benedictine Spirituality.

By Benedictine Sisters Mary Core and Stefanie MacDonald

Look at your daily routine. Is there a time for leisure? Do you walk, drink tea, read?

St. Benedict prescribed Holy Leisure for his monks, and for good reason. It helps keep us in balance!

Joan Chittister, OSB writes, “In American culture, leisure may be one of the most difficult spiritual elements to achieve. We are trained to be doers and makers, not dreamers and seers.”

Yet leisure is critical to our bodies, minds and spirits. It’s not optional!

When we take time for leisure it makes us more engaged in the other parts of our lives. It helps develop us as a thinking people. It leads us to be more prayerful.

Leisure creates more energy in our lives. And it will look different for everyone. One person might be drawn to read while another finds sitting by water more relaxing. Someone else might want to have coffee with a friend, put a puzzle together or color.

Allow yourself the freedom to choose the right leisure for you … and do it. It will help develop your mindfulness, as well as your focus in work.

So give yourself the permission to play.

We all need time to come up for air!

Part 8: The Heavy Weight of Stuff

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