Your Online Summer Retreat

new path

By Sister Stefanie MacDonald, OSB

Settling into retreat week is, for me, like sinking into a hot bath. Ahhhhh.

Father Brendan Moss, OSB is our retreat director this year. He is a monk of Saint Meinrad Archabbey in southern Indiana, and currently serves as the President-Rector of Conception Seminary College in northwest Missouri.

Fr. Brendan introduced the subject of our retreat this way:

As the woman at the well went at noon to be refreshed and gather water for the day, so Benedictines must return readily to the wellspring that is the Rule.  Our time together will provide an opportunity for us to reconnect with the vows and values that make us Benedictines.  From leisure to obedience—and everything in between—we will drink fully from the well that is our Benedictine Spirituality.

I hope these daily posts will help settle you, too, wherever you find yourself this summer.

As always, contact me if you want to talk (309-283-2300 or I’d love to hear your thoughts and share my own!

Here are the 10 parts of your retreat:

Part 1: Finding Truth

Part 2: Hospitality (Making Space for Another)

Part 3: What we Need to Grow, to Risk, to Enter the Holy

Part 4: Putting Down Deep Roots

Part 5: Lectio (Listening to God)

Part 6: Finding Grace

Part 7: Take Leisure!

Part 8: The Heavy Weight of Stuff

Part 9: Free to Live into What Really Matters

Part 10: Who Will You Become?

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