Praying Vespers in Makeshift Community

vespers-ipad-pictureBy Sister Stefanie MacDonald, OSB

At one of the conferences I went to this summer, I experienced a particularly graced prayer time. It happened nearly spontaneously, when the Benedictines – there were 4 of us from around the country – came together at the end of a busy day of meetings to pray Vespers.

Believe it or not, we prayed from our iPads!

But whether we use iPads or prayer books, this is typical Benedictine behavior. We value prayer in community – the work of God – above all else. We made a makeshift community of 4 (we invited everyone, but only the Benedictines came), and it was beautiful and graced and life-giving.

The other 100 sisters and brothers at the National Religious Vocations Conference were apostolic, and not of the same tradition as we. Our tradition is communal, monastic and based on the Rule of Benedict.

If this prayer style appeals to you, contact me at (309) 283-2300 or!!!

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