The Holy Spirit as Personal GPS: 4th Sunday of Lent

By Sister Catherine Cleary, OSB

Today’s Gospel (John 9:1-41) holds treasures, jewels, so it is well to read, study, memorize it until it becomes part of you.

In the first seven lines, we hear the story: a man born blind, is cured by Jesus who smears saliva and clay on his eyes, then tells him to go wash.

The gospel continues for 34 more lines about both the blind man who now sees and those who can see but are really blind.

It is evident that Jesus is talking about spiritual blindness as well as physical blindness.

He is teaching that it is through baptism (washing the eyes in the Pool of Siloam) that we receive the Holy Spirit who provides light for us throughout our life.

We note that the cured man grew spiritually as well as  receiving his eye sight:  His name for the one who cured him changes from the man to the prophet to Lord.

Like the blind man, we are called to deepen our faith, to grow in the understanding of who Jesus is, to deepen our inner vision.

Lent is a marvelous time to slow down, to ponder and reflect about how well we see with the eyes of our inner spirit.

How do we make decisions? Do we recognize that we have an “inner eye,” the Holy Spirit, to help us tease out our options?

The gospel for this week reminds us that we do have inner vision, the Spirit, to provide light when all seems fuzzy and murky.

Resolve today to make a habit of asking the Holy Spirit to guide your daily decisions, be they routine or major issues. This is kind of like having your own personal, spiritual GPS!

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