Celebrating the Feast of the Passing of St. Benedict

By Prioress Sister Sandra Brunenn, OSB

“Let the whole multitude of the faithful exult in the glory of our beloved Father Benedict; but most of all let each gathering of monks be glad who on earth are celebrating the feast of him with whom the Saints in heaven are rejoicing.” (antiphon from the Vigil Service)

As we gather to celebrate, we join the multitude of men and women who throughout time have followed the path of Benedict … and experienced the joy of hearts that seek the Lord.

United with them in the Communion of Saints we give thanks to God for the gift of Benedict and his Rule.

We stand in union as well with followers of Saint Benedict who are today celebrating this feast here on earth.  Every culture is unique with its own customs and rituals of celebration.

We can imagine the rich diversity of word and song that springs forth from communities  in Africa, Latin America, throughout Asia, as well as North America.

I imagine dancing in Brazil, drumming in Nigeria, singing in Lipa, fancy cheese and sausage in Eichstatt … and much joy and celebrating in our 450 monastic houses scattered around the globe.

Each gathering of monks, as the antiphon proclaims, exults in the glory of our beloved Father Benedict.

We have been called and chosen to be a monastic presence here in Rock Island.

May our celebration of this feast deepen our commitment to respond fully to the grace we have received. God continues to create us and call us to be instruments of love and peace with one another, our oblates, our families and friends, and our brothers and sisters throughout the world. Let us rejoice and be glad!

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