Celebrating the Feast of the Passing of St. Benedict

By Prioress Sister Sandra Brunenn, OSB

“Let the whole multitude of the faithful exult in the glory of our beloved Father Benedict; but most of all let each gathering of monks be glad who on earth are celebrating the feast of him with whom the Saints in heaven are rejoicing.” (antiphon from the Vigil Service)

As we gather to celebrate, we join the multitude of men and women who throughout time have followed the path of Benedict … and experienced the joy of hearts that seek the Lord. Continue Reading

Celebrating St. Benedict, the Father of Western Monasticism

Today we celebrate the Feast of St. Benedict, the father of Western Monasticism. How did he earn that title? Certainly there were other monastics before his time (c.480–543), including such well-known hermits as Cassian and Pachomius.

But what made Benedict unique was his emphasis on living in community. He said the best way to seek God was not as a lone hermit, but as one who rubbed shoulders with others. That is, the best way to find God is in one another. Continue Reading