The Fruit of Self-Control: Part X

The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases, his mercies never come to an end. Lamentations 3:22

Most of the time I think we live in a obsessive-compulsive world. Go, go, go – more, more, more seems rather routine attitude. I don’t exclude myself from this. I can get dead set on the task, idea or whatever – and go at it in a rather determined stance. On the other hand, I often feel if something can be done later, then I will do it later.  I am a procrastinator in many areas! 

But Keating talks about self-control in a more profound way. We have a compulsion to find security, affection and esteem – and often gear all our actions to feel good about those 3 areas.  We act out of those basic needs and they can take over our life. He calls that the ‘false self,’ for life is based on false premises.

The true premise of life is found in the Lamentation passage, “steadfast love of the Lord.” That is, if we are aware of the “abiding presence” of the Lord within us, and the unwavering love God has for us, then that is what we need to seek.

Actually, in our life of compulsions (whether shopping, procrastinating, food or insert your own compulsion) we are seeking a false security and will only remain unhappy or unpeaceful or out of control.

Keating reminds us that recognizing God provides inner freedom and peace. Knowing this will help us build self-control and endurance to face our challenges, trials and temptations.

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