The Fruit of Patience: Part IX

Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. Matt 7:7

So often when I pray with Matthew it comes down to trusting in God. While we can be sure God will answer our prayers and open new paths as we need, we also can be sure God will do it in God’s time … not ours!

In his book Fruits and Gifts of the Spirit, Thomas Keating addresses this passage in terms of patience or, what is often referred to as “long suffering.” I always have had problems with the idea of long suffering as part of the teaching on the Spirit. Trusting in God is not suffering to me … although patience can be difficult to develop.

Keating says, “we are content to wait with confidence for God’s deliverance in every situation, especially during prolonged periods of dryness and the dark nights.” I like equating patience as ‘wait with confidence’ and I do find that true in many of my life experiences!

Although waiting can try our patience, trust and discernment are key. We must trust God’s plan. And we must discern – ask, seek and knock – for God’s will.

No matter where you might find yourself in life or what issues you are discerning, know that as you “wait with confidence,” God is guiding you. For a human ear, email me at!!

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