Come Take a Walk with Me!

Dear Friend,

Come take a walk with me! Autumn days are so proud of their walls of beauty. They call to us wherever we are, to admire the paintings of God. The trees and leaves are beautiful with their various colors. As we stroll down the pathways here at St. Mary’s we see the lake on one side and the woods on the other. When I was in High School I loved Robert Frost’s poem about the woods. Do you recall these lines:

“The woods are lovely dark and deep,
And I have promises to keep.
And I have promises to keep…………..”

Those promises God asked me to keep are right here at St. Mary Monastery in Rock Island, Illinois. Our website gives you a little idea of who we are, but when you come visit us, you get “the real deal”! Our community prays each Thursday in a special way for people like you who are searching and discerning for the one place they can call home and be at peace.

Please know as you continue your discernment, I think about you every day with special prayers. I don’t have time to write as frequently as I would like too, but I want you to know you are in my thoughts and prayers daily.

The leaves are also beginning to fall and that is very symbolic for all of us when we think about things in our lives we need to let go of so new life can spring forth. Everything is a risk – but the grace is there if we dare to follow God’s invitation. Come visit us soon. Everyone wants to meet you and I am waiting to take that walk with you before Autumn is gone.  Goodbye for now – God be with you.

Sister Mary Jane

4 thoughts on “Come Take a Walk with Me!

  1. Mary Kathleen Wallace-Harper

    Very beautiful. Wish i could take that walk with you.
    Joy & peace,


  2. Dear Katie,
    It is so good to hear from you and to know that you have taken
    that walk with me in Nauvoo and here in our new beautiful monastery in Rock Island. You are a beautiful woman and spread
    all the Benedictines values there in colorado. I am proud to call you family. Keep spreading the good news. Love, Janie


  3. Dearest Sister Mary Jane,

    You are as lovely as the beautiful autumn leaves. You are so right about your peaceful place at St. Mary Monastery. Indeed it is a wonderfully orchastrated place to immerse yourself and absorb the peacefulness. Walking with you in spirit.
    Thank you for your blog.



  4. My dear Kimzie,
    Your words are beautiful and touch my heart and I recall how your fingers flew over the keyboard and when you knew your lesson it made me so happy. I still hold you in my heart in your adult life.
    stay in touch. Keep walking with me in spirit. God bless + SMJ


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